Posted by: oliviapontet | April 7, 2017

3,000 Chinese travellers on cruise ship refuse to set foot on South Korean soil

Tensions are apparently very high regarding the installation of the missile defense system THAAD that Chinese tourists do not even want to visit the island of Jeju in South Korea.
When a cruise ship docked at the Chinese Mecca in the Korean Strait on Saturday afternoon, the 3,400 passengers on board refused to disembark, to the surprise of the ship’s captain, South Korean customs officers, tourist guides And drivers of 80 tourist buses awaiting transport on the island.
Instead, Chinese tourists stayed on the cruise ship Costa Serena’s 11,000-tonne pendant four hours before departing for their next stop in Tianjin. They were all part of a reward trip that was organized by a Chinese company that had left Fukuoka in Japan in local media.
Their decision not to set foot on South Korean soil was animated by Chinese social media. “When the Chinese bind together, it’s great to see,” a Weibo user writes, receiving over 130,000 pockets.

chinese_tourists korea

According to CGTN, the incident contributed to the Italian cruise ship company canceling two ships to travel to Jeju from mid-March to the end of June, representing 26 canceled visits and up to 120,000 Chinese tourists visiting the island.
Royal Caribbean Cruises and Carnival Corp’s Cruises and Princess Cruises have also cut calls to South Korean ports, including Jeju, replacing them with visits to Japan. Meanwhile, 86 of the 159 flights connecting the resort island to mainland China were also canceled.
While this is good news for Jeju residents who prefer a more peaceful life, these are devastating news for those in the tourist industry. In 2008, Jeju Island implemented a 30-day visa-free policy for Chinese tourists who turned the small island into a Chinese tourism gold mine. 2.6 million foreigners to the Jeju visitor in 2015, not 85.3% are Chinese who are committed to shopping in duty-free shops on the island, landing the departure room of the international airport Of Jeju with impious quantities before leaving.

In recent years, waves of Chinese tourists have also led to an increase in crime and uncivilized behavior that has alarmed the residents. More than 11,000 of them signed a petition calling for the end of visa-free entry for Chinese tourists in September. While the government has refused to consider terminating the policy, it seems that they are welcome.
Faced with a neighbor obsessed with nuclear darkness, Seoul considers the US-backed missile defense system THAAD to offer its survival. At the same time, Beijing regards this as a threat to its own national security and a promise to take action against the law and a memory of a nationalist sentiment against South Korea.
With tourists and Kpop artists, as targeted South Korean conglomerate Lotte Group, which accepts the post to build the missile system in the government. More than half of the company’s stores in China have been temporarily closed.




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