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The Chinese daredevil bridge

The recent opening of Chongqing daredevil bridge

Chongqing is notable for its hot-pot cooking, mountains and haze. However few people know Chongqing as China’s City of Bridges. Two streams flow through Chongqing – the Jialing Changjiang – and these rivers and the mountains they cut create the embodiment of the city.

At the point when rivers assimilate the warm daylight, mist is dense and ascends from the surface of the water, which means Chongqing is frequently wrapped in fog. Now and again, the landscape vanishes in a white world until looks of daylight penetrate through mists. The mist brings such cool and dampness; it is no big surprise the Chongqing hot-pot was developed at the bank of Jialing River close to the dock of Chaotianmen between the finish of the Ming Dynasty (1368- – 1644) and the start of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The hot-pot kept the body warm and the fiery taste sliced through the dampness. A few many years after the fact, this delicacy spread all through China and has turned into an image of Chongqing.

chongqng bridge

Good for the Chinese tourists

If the mountains resemble the group of Chongqing and streams equivalent to its veins, clearly extensions are the city’s key joints. With such a large number of various scaffolds, Chongqing is a heaven for extension planners. Among the numerous cases of scaffolds – numerous striking and flawless – are the humpbacked extension, link stayed connect, brace connect, suspension extension and others.

Food in Chongqing

With regards to taste, hot pot and Xiao Mian beat the rundown. The essence of Chong Qing hot pot cannot be found in showy stupendous inns, for sequential construction system made hot pot does not have a few touches of localism. The fragrance of nearby hot pot will achieve your nostrils far from the rear ways in which it is made. In this way, when you go here, simply take after the unmistakable aroma and you will discover it. As dusks and companions sit in the hot pot bar, with fragrance suffusing the air, they play a finger-speculating amusement, on occasion running wild with happiness, now and again ceasing to appreciate the hot devour. This brilliant picture, in my eyes, means one feature of Chong Qing taste.

Other travel tips when you in Chongqing

Without a moment to spare for the May Day occasion, a picturesque spot in Chongqing has opened another extension that is intentionally perilous. The startling pathway worked off the side of a precipice incorporates a progression of boards with crevices in the middle. To make it over, guests must bounce from one board to the next, or else fall into pit underneath. This is a similar Chongqing grand range that disclosed another, Guinness World Record-setting glass skywalk before the Tomb Sweeping Day occasion this year. See also amazing photos

Buzz on Chinese social Media

The supposed “Sky Corridor” is an A-formed walkway that stretches out 80 meters from the Cliffside at the Wansheng Mountain Scenic Area. It has designed according to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which stands out a negligible 21 meters. It opened on Saturday, in the nick of time for the Qingming Festival occasion surge, inviting more than 10,000 sightseers amid the occasion time frame. To pull in considerably more guests, stop authorities have sent in their application to the Guinness Book of World Records, wanting to get their new extension named as the longest cantilever connect on the planet.

Chongqing region seems, by all accounts, to be attempting to become famous as the glass connects capital of China. In 2015, a horseshoe-molded glass skywalk opened there. Despite the fact that it isn’t exactly as quite a bit of a blemish at just 26 meters long.

source Shanghaist


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